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Video as a Service - benaCOM


benaCOM is a group of Italian professionals offering a platform of video production services and applications.

We use the “product as a service” model to make sure you get powerful communication tools for your business.

The benaCOM business platform combines a variety of services ranging from broadcasting to logistics, technical advisory, authoring, on-line production and post-production.

We also offer:

web live streaming and satellite up/down-link

video-projections in every format and size

multi-sensory (visual, touch-screen, acoustic, smelling) and interactive solutions

holographic copies, 2D to stereoscopic 3D

customized totem displays, great and small equipped boothsstages and light equipments.

These are only some of the applications we suggest.
Our team consists of a wide pool of trusted and experienced professionals, who respond to your specific requests with accurate analysis and smart solutions.


Because this is what you need to achieve quality results.

benaCOM collaborates with several international partners, who allow us to work on-site in ItalyFranceGermanyUSAUAEIndia and Brazil, while ensuring you continue to interact with the same representative for your best convenience.

Got a great idea:? We have easy solutions!


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